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Talipes Mini Site

This site is not intended to be a full medical reference for Talipes, but rather a personal experience of Scott's feet. (You will find links to useful sites which do provide more information in my Links page.) We hope to keep friends and family updated on progress, and also hope that we can share our experience with other parents who have (or are going to have) a child with Talipes.

As well as the story of Scott's feet from birth up to now, I feel that it may be worth me expanding on certain areas relating to Talipes (Club Foot). For parents who have children undergoing similar treatment to Scott, we can share our experience of the surgery, the boots, the splints, and so on. Also, even this far down the road, we are coming up against new concerns, new challenges, and I will add some of these as they occur.

In addition, while Scott has undergone surgery for his feet, in hindsight I wish I had known more about alternative treatments, and more specifically the Ponseti Method, which is a non-surgical method of treating Club Foot. I still don't know if this would have worked in Scott's case, but there are many success stories, and I provide some further info on this below.


The Story of Scott's Feet  

Update Feb. 2003 

Update July 2003, after revision surgery 

Update May 2005 - doing fine but more treatment ahead  NEW 


What is Talipes?

More info on boots

More info on splints

More info on casts

More info on physiotherapy

Ponseti - a non-surgical method



Picture history of Scott and his feet 

More pictures of Scott (and parents!)

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